What are the most examples of software and hardware?

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 We often hear about the terms software, we also hear the word hardware, and many people do not know the difference between them, Some people think that there is no difference between them, and this belief is very wrong because there is a great difference between them, they are not related to each other very much. Hardware is one thing and software is another thing.

Let's get acquainted with the most important examples of software and hardware and differentiate between them:

Examples of software and hardware

Examples of software and hardware

Software and hardware together make up the computer and neither can work without the other.

What is software?

What is software?

The software is fictitious and intangible electronic things, Such as operating systems called operating systems,

 Such as the operating system Windows, Android, etc…

 And such as programs and games, are intangible things and are within the system,

Its meaning is software and software means that everything is based on programming and that which is built on programming is intangible

So programs are designed through programming, Operating systems are designed through programming all are intangible.

Software is the systems and software that operates the computer, such as Windows XP, 7, 8, Linux, UNIX, and others to required outputs.

Examples of software:


Examples of software:


It is one of the programs that is characterized by something that many people are looking for,

Which is that it does not pose any crisis on the space of the device, as its size is small, and most important of all,

It does not require any fees when downloading or using it, but rather makes the software for free.

Media Monkey:

have reached the fourth program to make the software for your devices,

It does not leave anything and does not restart it again without any further warning or non-operating.

Screen to Gif:

This type of software is one of the easiest and best software programs that enable the individual to.

 Make the software for his device at home and does not require him to go to any specialized place,

What is hardware?

Hardware is one of the most important components that a computer or computer contains.

 It is known that every device has internal components, whether they are assembled to become the computer that every person desires with his capabilities or components.

Which we may call the term tangible components such as basic components

Such as the screen, keyboard, the mouse that we use in the internal transition and facilitate the selection process in the computer panel

Examples of software:


      Input units of all kinds.

      Computer networks.

      Sound card and network.

      Output units.

      Motherboard Processor


      Graphic card.



At the end of our topic, software and hardware are among the most important parts that any type of electronic device, anywhere in general, as they have become necessities, not luxuries, that hardware is completely different from software.

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