How to get Specto on Kodi

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Many want to get Specto Fork because it was one of the Kodi addons that were put out by the contacted developer team, It is worth mentioning that get Specto on Kodi isis a video add-on that features movies and TV shows, It has an interface similar to Exodus and also provides automatic subtitles for videos, for that in this article we will introduce How to get Specto on Kodi in particular.

How to get Specto on Kodi Krypton version 17 or above

How to get Specto on Kodi

1.      Click on the Settings Icon located at the top next to the Power icon.

2.      Select File Manager and Add Repository by double-clicking Add Source.

3.      A box will appear in front of your screen that will ask you to type the repository URL and click OK Then you need to type the name of the repository, so type “Kodi” and click OK

4.      Go to Kodi Main Menu Select Add-ons Tab Click Video Add-ons Specto Fork Enjoy it!

How to install Specto Fork on Kodi Jarvis version 16 or lower

To haveSpecto on Kodi, you first need to

1.      Open Kodi on your system.

2.      Click on the “System” tab in the main menu.

3.      File manager, double click Add Source, type the URL, click done, Type the name "Kodi".

4.      Kodi Home Screen Click on Add-ons Now Click on Install from

5.      Wait for installation Install from repository Kdel Repository Video Add-ons Search for Specto Fork from a very long list of add-ons. Then click Install.

Specto Kodi No Stream Available

How to get Specto on Kodi

This problem can prevent you frombeing able to getSpecto on Kodi, To fix it go as follows:

1.      Open Kodi, go to Add-ons, Video Add-ons, right-click on Specto and go to Settings.

2.      A box will appear in front of your screen, here you see several tabs on the left side of the box.

3.      Go to the Movies section where you will find the list of sources or websites.

These are the sites where Specto brings you movies.

Specto Fork installation failed

While a user isis trying to get Specto on Kodi and installing it on his system, the” Specto Fork installation failed”error may be requested! This error occurs for many reasons, that includes internet failure and repository closure. to solve this problem, you have two techniques to follow:

1.      Check your internet connection before proceeding with installing Specto, otherwise, the installation will fail again.

2.      Check which repository is currently running and has not been closed yet.

Specto vs Exodus

How to get Specto on Kodi

You may think for a while that you don’t need to get Specto on Kodi sinceSpectoand Exodus are the same. You need to be aware that Specto was initially released to compete with Exodus and similar Kodi addons that offer free movies and TV shows.

However, Exodus has become an all-time popular addon due to its flexible team of developers who have updated Exodus consistently and made sure that it is easy for Kodi users to browse through its add-on.


Specto Fork hasn't been steadily running as an add-on, but when it's online, no better add-on matches its features. It is similar to the Genesis and Covenant add-on but it has some issues with the Kodi repositories which disappoint it. we have highly recommended you to get Specto on Kodi and enjoy it.

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