How to get rid of the virus on a laptop

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 How to get rid of the virus on a laptop? An important question that many computer users are looking for an answer to, and these devices of all kinds are always infected with malicious software called viruses, Wich usually may infect the device from unsafe websites or anonymous emails, so if you are looking for how to get rid of the virus on a laptop in this article, we will explain to you a simple answer to this question.

How to get rid of the virus on a laptop

How to get rid of the virus on a laptop

With no antivirus program on the computer, a group of harmful viruses spread that may cause a lot of problems to the device, and You must know how to get rid of the virus on a laptop.

The types of viruses vary in terms of their damage, some are able to destroy personal and desktop computers, and some are constantly sending annoying messages.

Computer viruses

Computer viruses

The most famous computer virus appeared in 1999, it was able to reach millions of people around the world via an e-mail message under the title of an important message.

Annoying and stealing the victim's information, controlling the device, and deleting all the files stored on it.

Clean your computer from viruses

Clean your computer from viruses


There are several ways that you can use to get rid of the virus on a laptop and remove malware from your device without the need to use antivirus tools, through the following:

Using the prompt command:

From the “Start” menu on your computer > in the “search programs and files” section, type “cmd.”> then click on the “cmd” icon with the right mouse button to open the Prompt command window.

The next step is: Scan the affected disk for viruses (C, D, or E) > then type the command attrib -s -h *. * /s /d >

Then type the command “dir” > to show the content of the drive and look for strange files with extensions Various as (autorun. inf).

By searching for his name:

Via the “Start” button > then search for the name of the virus by typing its name in the search for programs and files box > then click the search command.

Your device contains viruses, and to delete them click the right mouse button, to remove it from your device.

Antivirus software

Antivirus programs help you to get rid of the virus on a laptop and malware, by adding a firewall against malware,

which alerts you when the device is infected with viruses or malicious software tries to access your device and fights it without your intervention,

and one of the best antivirus programs for 2022: ESET NOD32 - Bitdefender - Norton - Kaspersky.

Manually remove computer viruses

Some online antivirus software sites give you a free way to scan your device for viruses by entering the name of the program you suspect your device is infected with and searching inside files stored on your computer. may have been disposed of.

Antivirus software alerts you to the presence of some malicious software in your computer that seriously damages the device,

So it is best to remove these programs from the operating system and reinstall them again.


The ability of computer viruses varies according to the goal for which they were developed, some of them contain malicious programs capable of destroying the entire device, others aim to steal social media account information, and another type is capable of stealing bank accounts, so you should pay attention to know-how to get rid of the virus on a laptop

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