Your complete guide about google search console features

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Your complete guide about google search console features

It is worth noting that google search console features will help you understand a lot of things in your website, simply Google Search Console will help you properly understand the way Google crawls, analyzes, and indexes your website. The first step that you should take after running your website is to run the Google Search Console Account because of its many advantages that we will learn about, of course in this article. If you are looking to explore google search console, follow this topic to understand the various Google Search Console features in detail.

Google Search Console Features

·         Crawl Errors: Crawl errors are of google dearch console features. All errors associated with Googlebot encounters are clearly visible while crawling website pages.

·         Also, all the information about this site's URLs that Google was unable to crawl successfully appears as an HTTP error code.

·         Improvements: he section on HTML improvements helps improve SERP rendering. In case there are any issues related to SEO, these features help in their identification.

·         Sitemaps and Robots.txt: where the SITEmap XML file is used to help the search engines Google, Yahoo, and Bing, to better understand a website while crawling by robots.

Follow google search console features

Follow google search console features

The Google search console is provided by Google at no charge to webmasters.

Website owners can improve the visibility of their website while at the same time checking the indexing status, so google search console are very important.

Research Analytics, one of the important features of google search console is search analytics. It tells you a lot about how to get organic traffic from Google.

It also provides important search metrics from the website including clicks, impressions, rank, and click rates.

Google Search Console features provide tools and reports to perform the following actions

1.    Fix indexing issues and request re-indexing.

2.    View traffic data to your site from Google Search: The number of times your site appears in Google Search, the queries that have returned your site, the number of searchers clicking on your site as a result of those queries, and more.

3.    Get alerts when Google has indexing issues or spam.

4.    View sites that have links back to your site.

5.    Identify and resolve issues with AMP and mobile usability.

Who needs to use Google Search Console?

Who needs to use Google Search Console?

Anyone who has a website needs to use Google Search because google search console are wonderful and useful.

·         Business Owners: Business owners should be familiar with Search Console and google search console features to learn the basics of optimizing their websites for search engines and what features are available in Google Search.

·         Marketers People: As someone who focuses on Internet marketing, you can use Search Console to monitor your site traffic, improve your ranking, and make informed decisions about how search results for your site appear.

Others Who needs to use Google Search Console

Besides Business owners and marketers, below are tow categories that need google search features

·         Website admins: If you are a website admin, you are surely interested in running your site properly, google console features make it easy to monitor server errors, site loading issues, and security issues.

·         Web developers: If you're creating the actual markup or code for your website, Search Console helps you monitor and fix recurring markup-related issues, such as errors in structured data.


Finally, google search console features make it easy to deal with, improve your website, monitor errors such as hacking and malware, and in some cases help to solve them as well. You can also use it to smoothly perform any maintenance or adjustments related to search performance.

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