Discover the importance of Google search console

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Discover the importance of Google search console

 The Google search console is one of the free services provided by Google to help website owners improve the appearance of their pages in searches, as it helps website owners to monitor the extent to which their pages appear in Google searches, as well as maintain the site and avoiding and solving problems and errors while they also occurred You do not have to subscribe to the Google search console service for your site to be included in the Google search results, but this service helps you understand and notice the extent to which your site appears in the search results google search console.

What are the actions of the Google search console?

1- What are the actions of the Google search console?

  • This service makes sure that Google can access and crawl your site        
  • Fixing indexing errors and making a new re-indexing request  
  • View the data of visitors who entered your site, as well as the number of times they clicked on your site, as well as the search words that led to the appearance of your site
  • Send alerts when it encounters indexing problems or unwanted content This is what the Google search console offers to help website owners

 Who should use the google search console?

Anyone can use it, whether a beginner or a professional

  • Business owners: Business owners must be familiar with the Google search console, even if they haven't mentioned its use.
  • Search Engine Optimization Specialists
  • Webmasters: Must be familiar with the Google search console to monitor server errors and site loading issues
  • Web Developers: The Google search console helps developers of websites to solve coding errors.

 What does the google search console contain?

What does the google search console contain?

  • Structured data: This tool shows whether Google understands your site or not
  • Smart Search Cards: It is a feature that makes the content appear better for mobile users
  • Data Locator.
  •  Improvements HTML: a report that is presented if any problem is detected by Google during the crawl process
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages AMP: It is a feature that quickly shows web pages to mobile users in the browsing process.
  • Search analytics report: This tool shows the number of times you appear in search engines

Manual procedure: It presents known problems on your site and also provides a solution to these problems google search console

  • Internal links
  • Links to your site
  • International targeting: If you want a website dedicated to users in a specific country or who speak a specific language
  • Usability on mobile: It is a feature that shows you if there is a problem with your site that appears to owners of mobile phones
  • Index status
  • Prohibited Resources
  • Remove URL
  • Crawl Errors
  • Crawl stats


In this article, we got acquainted with the contents and tools of the google search console service, its definition, what it does, and how it makes it easier for website owners and others to improve their sites, as well as solve problems when they occur and avoiding mistakes, and also who should deal with the google search console and use it. The article has helped you.

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