Do you know about hardware computer software?

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Hardware computer software, a computer is a system of many parts that work together as the computer consists of two important parts that complement each other in tasks, the computer hardware and the computer software. The computer has become an essential thing for all people, so we must know the things that make it do its work. Hardware computer software, the computer consists of two important parts that complement each other in tasks.

Information about Hardware computer software

Do you know about hardware computer software?

Let's know the important parts that complement each other inside the computer:

Information about Hardware

  • System unit (power supply - motherboard - processor - memory - storage unit - graphics card - sound card).
  • Input Units (keyboard - mouse - microphone - scanner - camera).
  • Output Units (monitor - speakers - printer).


The main memory: No computer can function without memory to store data, information, software,

Various operating system resources and many necessary properties, applications and files.

The various data inside the RAM are indirectly weakened and collapsed.

The computer consists of two important parts.




The main memory is called the internal memory, and it is divided into two categories:

RAM Memory: It’s that empty space inside the computer, and it works to receive various files, programs and data that you downloaded,

And study them by the microprocessor from a depth of memory without complications,

This memory does not work to receive data permanently and unlimitedly, because it has limited space, and whenever this space is large and fast,

It gives opportunities to the processor to easily access them, but when the power goes out or the computer is suddenly shut down.

Information about Software

Information about Software

With the development of computers, the designer of the calculator had to find an easy way to communicate with the calculator. 

The assembly language was the assembly language, through which communication with the calculator was carried out in a specific and simple English language.

One of the disadvantages of this method is that it takes a long time to write, effort and clear experience.

There must be a simple language through which understanding of the electronic calculator has been established.


What are Program types?

Boot programs:

They are programs that are stored in the ROM memory and are the first to be executed at startup.

They must check the components of the computer and report any errors in the system.

Operation systems:

It is a complex program that controls the management of system resources and the implementation of application programs.

In the end, Hardware computer software the hardware feature is not completely compatible with the software feature,

And each one has the quality of the functions it provides within the operating systems of the computer hardware.

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