How to print dvd label simple steps to do

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 How to print dvd label, We can now keep documents, photos, and even family events on DVDs thanks to modern technology. You'll need to make your own DVD label to give it a professional appearance. Many websites provide free DVD label templates for you to use. So to help you to know how to print dvd label using simple steps, we had prepared this article for you, just keep reading to know:

How to print dvd label

How to print dvd label

In the printer, place the Avery 8960 labels.

Select the "Print Labels" tab from the video's information page.

Depending on the label, choose "One Per Page" or "Two Per Page" below "Select Label Style."

Note: When you're only printing one DVD, you can print the Top Only or Bottom Only labels on the label sheet.

Download the document in PDF format.

Download the document in PDF format.

Use Adobe Reader or another PDF viewer to open the file (which should open automatically)

To launch the printer dialogue box, click "Print."

Make sure to select "Actual Size" or "100%" from the "Size Options" menu.

Press the print button!

How to print cd label

How to print cd label

  • After you've defined a paper stock, you'll need to link it to a label so that the right paper stock is used when the label is printed. 

Change the value of the 'Stock' property in the Properties Pane to the paper stock that you produced in Step 2. 

Select your label in the Project Pane and change the value of the 'Stock' field to the photo paper that you made in Step 2.

Label design

  • Design your label in the Design View, using the components that you need. 

CD and DVD labels, jewel case inserts (including jewel case covers and spine inserts), 

And CD/DVD envelopes are all included in the CD/DVD Label Sample Project. 

To lay out parts of the label that are outside of the printing area, 

The CD/DVD labels use Avery materials that have backgrounds applied to them.

Adding printer

  • If you haven't added a printer to the 'Print To' component in the decal, 

You can print the label by going to File -> the menu bar. 

Select the printer you want to print to from the set of possible printers when the Print Dialog displays. 

Simply select the 'Options' button if you need to alter any printer settings.

Stock you have chosen

  • If the paper stock you've chosen for your label has more than one row or column, 

You'll see extra options in the Print Dialog, including the ability to choose whether to row. 

Or column to start printing from and change the printing orientation.

  • To send the label to the printer, click 'OK' on the Print Dialog.

PEERNET Reports Designer

You can print a CD or DVD label or report design to any printer supported by PEERNET Reports Designer. 

Without having to produce a new design for each type of printer, you may save time and money.

While there's nothing preventing you from doing so — PEERNET Reports Designer is quite versatile.

In the end, about how to print dvd label, note the way to interact to many various types of data sources, as well as the ability to support any user-defined paper stock and hundreds of Avery paper stocks.


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