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 This service was launched in the year 2018 named Set up search console It is called by another name which is the webmaster tools which is done by Google. Set Up Search Console is a set of tools and data that are used by site administrators. It has a lot of modifications or choices regarding the page that is linked with Google. It is among the free services provided by Google to all customers, which serve designated web site managers via the Google search engine. It provides a lot of data, analytics, and a wide range of tips that help the site manager to manage the site and profit from it. Google has made its work available to all users at first.

How to Set Up Search Console

How to Set Up Search Console

To set up search console following the next steps:

By entering the console home page, go to Apps, then additional Google services, and then click on the Google Search console.

Click on the status of the service to be able toTurn the Google search console on or off for all users in your organization.

You can also click Enable for all or Off for all, then click Save to save the changes.

To enable or disable a service, enter the organizational unit:

On the left side of the page, select the Organizational unit.

If you want to change the status of the service, select Enable or Disable.

What does the set up search console offer

What does the set up search console offer

It is not used to bring in visitors or improve income, as it is only a statistical tool.

     Previously, there was only the amendment.

     It was one of the old orders that do not currently fit the website because of its lack of many services .

     In order to use this feature, you must first create a site, and then you will link it to the google search console.

     The google search console makes a statistic of the number of visitors that are on your site.

     The google search console also records the maximum number of visitors to your site.

      It records the times when there are no visitors most.

other features

     Set Up Search Console works to determine the most articles that can work to profit the site.

     It works to clarify the areas of high or low in the site .

     also works to provide information and tips that can make your page top in the Google search paper at the beginning.

     Set Up Search Console also serves to illustrate financial gain or financial loss .

     It also works to clarify the most important topics that you can talk about.

     You can also use it to modify, remove, add or other modifications by using the available capabilities.

Is the service free

Is the service free

Google Search Engine Administrator Tools is a free service provided by Google, and it is considered one of its most important services. It allows website owners to add their own sites, improve indexing, and publish content to Google's search engine as the Google set up search console. Allows webmasters to submit and check the sitemap.


The main purpose of set up Search Console is to help you promote your site/company to help Google users have a positive experience and in return your site/company will be more successful in the Google search engine.

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