Information about software hardware skills

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Information about software hardware skills

It software-hardware skills, Hardware and software, are two basic components of a computer that are indispensable and indispensable in order for the computer to function in a 100 percent good manner. Many people use the computer, but they do not know its most important components. I decided to present you this post and this episode in order to get to know the concepts of hardware and software, the difference between them and the relationship between them.

It software hardware skills

It software hardware skills, Hardware is the physical and tangible components of a computer at We can touch and remove with our hands, including:

Hard disk, motherboard, memory, etc.

As for the software, it is considered the intangible and physical component of the computer,

We can remove them from modification on the computer by default with the mouse.

As the software is considered a collector of all the software on the computer, including programs and operating systems, etc.

Through the above definitions of both hardware and software, we can simply deduce the difference between them.

The difference lies in the fact that hardware is a tangible and physical component of the computer,

Unlike the software, it is a virtual intangible component of the computer.

As for the relationship between them, it is an interconnected and complementary relationship.

The first completes the second, and the second completes the first. Without the hardware,

The software will not work, and without the software, the hardware will not work.

If one of them is missing or absent, the computer will not work.

The importance of the software

The importance of the software

Software is a set of different programs and is the main engine for any electronic device. Without the software,

The device will be electronics and solid pieces that have no use,

Software is the driver for these pieces,

The pieces are also Dispensable. There is no software it works by itself without the presence of the hardware section.

The importance of hardware

The importance of hardware

The hard disk consists of all the physical components in the stomach of the computer,

Such as the hard disk, the RAM, the motherboard,

The video card, the mouse and the keyboard are connected to each other until the computer is turned on.

A physical body and a physical component is one of the most prominent components of the computer,

It is the one you are working on now, like your data, photos, applications, photos, documents,

And your connection to the Internet can only be done with the presence of Hardware.

In the end, It is software hardware skills, Hardware is the internal parts of phones and computers, that is, tangible things.

Hardware is a damaged piece of equipment that cannot be used well without it.

It is installed so that the device works properly.

Hardware is known by one word, which is (maintenance) as opposed to software (programming).

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