How to split fare uber with someone

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How to split fare uber? Uber allows you to hire a car service to your place right away or schedule a journey for a later time and date, making it a sometimes cheaper and more convenient option to hail a taxi. If you want to save money, you can also ride share with some other Uber customers heading in the same direction. Here's how to split fare uber on your iPhone or Android using the Uber app.

How to split fare uber?

How to split fare uber?

1. Before you begin, make sure that everyone who will be riding has an Uber account. 

Then, on your iPhone or Android's home screen, look for the Uber symbol and tap it to open the app.

2. Request an Uber ride to your desired location and select the sort of car you want, such as an Uber X or a Pool.

3. Swipe up towards the bottom of the screen to reveal a menu of options once you've requested your transport.

Riding with someone option

Riding with someone option

4. Select the blue "Split fare" option towards the right of the "Riding with someone?" option.

5. How to split fare uber? Type in the names or mobile numbers of the persons with whom you want to split the fare. 

Each person you choose will be notified of your fare split request, 

And will be required to approve your invitation in order to finance their share.

How to accept an Uber fare split invitation

How to accept an Uber fare split invitation

Accepting a fare split invitation from someone you're traveling with, 

So you may pay your portion of the fare simply if you weren't the one who requested the ride.

A fare split request will display on your Uber screen as a pop-up, 

Inviting you to accept or refuse the request to split the Uber with the user who requested it.


To accept, simply click Accept, and half of the fare will be paid.

Because you can now split an Uber fare once the ride is over, 

All riders must approve the split invitation before the Uber leaves you off.

How to cancel an uber ride

If you cancel outside of that buffer time, 

You'll be charged a $5 cancellation cost for a basic Uber and a $10 cancellation fee for an UberBlack. 

(You can always dispute the charge later, and Uber has a solid track record of refunding these fees.)

1. If the app is still searching for a driver, tap the "Finding your ride" bar at the bottom of the screen.

2. Tap "Cancel," then "YES, CANCEL" to confirm your decision.

Cancel trip

3. If you've already matched, tap the bar at the bottom of the screen that displays the information for your inbound driver, then tap "Cancel Trip."

4. Confirm by tapping "YES, CANCEL" – if you were quick enough, you'll get a message confirming that you won't be charged a fee.

All in all, this was all about how to split fare uber with your friend or with anyone, we hope know how to split fare uber.

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