How do you transition from hardware to software?

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 In the transition from hardware to software, the operation of the computer requires the integration of a set of components that cannot be dispensed with, and to be able to use and deal with them, you must identify these components and understand the nature of their work and function in this wonderful electronic device, It has software, so what is hardware, what it consists of, and what is the function of each of its components in a computer?

The shift from hardware to software

The shift from hardware to software

Hardware is the tangible physical component of a computer, and the user can touch and control it manually.

The term hardware refers to computer hardware that is connected in a specific way to operate the computer,

 Including, the graphics card, hard disk, microphone, and others

The hardware consists of a group of physical parts, and each of these parts has an important function in a computer that affects its performance.



The processor is a complex integrated circuit designed intricately to carry out an important role in the computer, which is the rapid automatic processing of information,

 Where its speed is estimated at thousands of megabytes,

 And it is the part that receives orders inside the computer and processes them to give the final results in the form of information that can be used and benefited from,

It is the most important electronic component in a computer.



RAM is an electronic chip that has been designed in a complex way that is used to store data temporarily,

And it is called random access memory because it retains data and information quickly and randomly to store it temporarily,

 Due to the nature of this type of memory that needs to be supplied with the energy necessary to save information, on the contrary From ROM,

 It is a memory that stores data without the need for power.

 There is a direct relationship between the size of the RAM and the amount of processed information in the device.

Hard disk:

The hard disk is an important piece in the computer that saves important data, as it is the main memory of the device,

But it needs special configuration before storing the information in it,

So that the data transmission unit has an opportunity to access the data quickly and in an orderly manner,

And the hard disk is the fastest in saving and feedback compared to other computer storage tools.

In the end transition from hardware to software, hardware is the tangible physical component in a computer, and the user can touch and control it manually.

Whereas software is a general term used to refer to applications, scripts,

And programs that run on a device. It can be considered as the changing part of the computer,

While the hardware is the fixed part

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