How to turn on Bluetooth on a hp laptop

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Turn on Bluetooth on a hp laptop, when buying a hp laptop, many people need to share or transfer files or photos from other devices to hp laptop or vice versa, And, of course, connecting Bluetooth headphones and many other devices so everyone asks about how to turn on Bluetooth on a hp laptop, which we will discuss in this article, because it is very important to connect devices such as headphones, mouse, additional keyboards and share files, especially for students or business owners.

Turn on Bluetooth on a hp laptop

How to turn on Bluetooth on a hp laptop


After you know how turn on Bluetooth on a hp laptop, you need to Bluetooth activate Bluetooth on the laptop, we must make sure that the laptop has Bluetooth, by following these steps: We click on the “Start” menu, which is located at the bottom left of the main laptop screen.

Through the start menu, we choose the control panel option “Control panels.” Also, from the control panel menu,

Choose “Performance and Maintenance” then click on “System” and then click on the tab with the name of the device “Hardware” located in the System Properties window.

Why do I need to Turn on Bluetooth on a hp laptop?

Why do I need to Turn on Bluetooth on a hp laptop?

Sometimes Bluetooth is not available on some laptops, but Bluetooth can be downloaded and downloaded through the laptop's drivers on the laptop's CD.

Other times the Bluetooth has been accidentally deleted from the laptop, so it is possible to download it easily in the same way.

One of the laptops that we are looking for is the HP Toshiba laptop.

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Many Toshiba laptop users struggle to find out how to get the drivers for this device, especially getting them with the latest version.

Another problem that laptop users suffer from is the problem of turning on Bluetooth on the laptop. Bluetooth is turned on the HP laptop by connecting to the official Toshiba website via the Internet.

And through the official website of Toshiba, the laptop user can download all the drivers for the laptop (download hp drivers

How to turn on Bluetooth on a hp laptop

This method is used to turn on the Bluetooth icon on all laptops, including turning on Bluetooth on a hp laptop, and it is also used for all Windows systems.

·         Click on the “Start” button. From the “Start” menu, we search for Device Manager by typing the word “Device’s manager” in the search bar.

·         And if there is no Bluetooth icon next to the clock and the rest of the icons, press the Bluetooth settings by pressing the “Control panel”.

·         Then choose Change Bluetooth settings.

How to send files via Bluetooth on a hp laptop?

To send any file, photos or video on a hp laptop through Bluetooth, do the following steps: Then we click on any file saved on the laptop,

and click on it with the right mouse button and a list appears for us to choose from “Send” to”.

also shown a list with several sending options. Then we choose to send via Bluetooth. This way we can send and receive files, photos, and videos from the HP laptop.

In this way, we have provided you with a way to make sure that Bluetooth is present on the laptop, and we have learned how to download Bluetooth on the HP laptop and how to turn on Bluetooth on a HP laptop. We belong to you for more knowledge.

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