How to upgrade laptop gpu in detail

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How to upgrade laptop gpu, Technology evolves at a rapid pace, and you must stay current to achieve top performance in gaming, video editing, and other areas. The laptop comes with an integrated graphics card that works in conjunction with the RAM and CPU. A laptop video card determines the detail of the graphics on display using its own RAM and CPU. Continue reading to learn more about laptop graphics card upgrades, video, and graphics card types, and how to upgrade laptop gpu. 

How to upgrade laptop gpu

How to upgrade laptop gpu in detail


It's a job best left to the pros, and it necessitates the purchase of a laptop GPU upgrade kit.

The following are some general steps:

MXM module compatibility can help you find a compatible GPU for your laptop.

Purchase a GPU upgrade kit or bring your new GPU to a computer store.

Using the BIOS, uninstall the old GPU.

Remove all of the screws from your laptop to open it.

To avoid being shocked, wear a static bracelet.

Remove the GPU by removing the heatsink and heat pipes with your thermal paste ready. gently

Remove the old GPU and replace it with the new one, as well as replace the thermal paste. By closing the laptop.

This method only works on specific laptops designed for professionals and equipped with the necessary hardware. 

Most GPUs embedded on the motherboard are unlikely to be updated, modified, or replaced. 

How to upgrade laptop gpu? As a last resort, external GPUs can be accessed via USB connector, which is a viable solution.

How to upgrade a laptop graphic card

How to upgrade a laptop graphic card


True laptop card upgrades, however, necessitate a GPU update, which is also connected to the motherboard.

Professionals believe it is "impossible" to replace graphic cards in laptops.

In laptops with integrated graphics cards, the old graphics card must be removed and a new graphics card must be connected to the motherboard.

However, times have changed, and consumer kits with all of the necessary equipment are now available to upgrade the graphics card.

However, because this is a more difficult path to take, purchasing a dedicated graphics card might be a better option. 

How to upgrade laptop gpu


With an integrated graphics card, many laptops come with a dedicated or standalone graphics card.

The graphics card on the Lenovo Yoga 720, for example, is an Intel HD 630. 

The NVIDIA GTX 1050, on the other hand, is its dedicated graphics card. 

You can change the laptop's integrated mode to dedicated mode. 

Although most laptops come with a discrete graphics card, you can attach an external graphics card to your laptop.

All in all, It is possible to update, replace, or change a GPU with MXM 3.0 compatibility. If your motherboard does not support MXM, you will have to make adjustments to it, which is more time consuming and may result in issues if done incorrectly.

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