Discover all details about search engine tools

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 Search engine tools help sites to appear in the foreground, improve the visibility of their sites, and rank their pages in the natural results of search engines without promotion. So that they can achieve access to the services they target, Search engine tools are media between you and making adjustments to your content to improve its visibility, achieve more traffic, expose a wider segment of the content, and increase sales,It is the ultimate goal.

Why do we use search engine tools?

Discover all details  about search engine tools

There are a lot of Search engine tools that differ in the features and functionality they offer

To get the raw data, to monitor their locations and analyze the data collected.

SEO tools to replace manual data collection and analysis, making SEO professionals work more and better .

The uses of these tools are diverse, yet it is difficult to classify them on the basis of their functions.

Free Google SEO Tools

Google Trends:

Google Trends:

It allows you to see where your site is among the sites in the search results pages on Google.
Allows you to see the number of clicks on the different pages of your site that appear in the search engine.
All you need to use it is to prove that you own the site.

Google Ads:

Google Ads:

To identify new proposed and expected keywords, and to measure the demand for search words.

Keywords Finder:

Suggested keywords and search volume after you enter keywords related to your topic, and show you competitors and rank them in the search engine.

See the keywords your competitors are using and take appropriate action on the keyword you choose, and also allow tracking of backlinks.

Rank Tracing:

To know your site from the results page and the field of view of the number of visitors.


Allows you to search keywords to see what fits to use them, and to see competition and search volume.


Archiving websites, indexing links and knowing what is damaged, so that the search times for a keyword are known.

Record the ranking of sites and take advantage of that to get new ideas about keywords and exploit them.
It also includes everything related to monitoring and comparing domains. To get the best benefit from it.

Knows the most popular and widespread content on the Internet by keywords and topics.
Despite the simplicity of the service  interface and ease of use But the data in the control panel.

Moz Pro Service:

One of the most popular SEO services, it is not only an Search engine tool.
It is a comprehensive toolkit for many aspects of SEO like link building, competitor. performance analysis, keyword exploration, and analysis of ads on search engines. which helps in solving problems faced by sites Thus, raising the site’s ranking in search Results and developing search engine optimization strategies.

Search engine tools are the most important search engine optimization mechanisms.
They help you in the first place in building a solid strategic plan for e-marketing,
Through which you can analyze the performance of your site.
know the strengths and weaknesses of everything related to your website, site content, SEO, external and internal links.

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