How to get better using marketing and analytics together

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 Marketing and analytics  Measuring the effectiveness of marketing activities like calls-to-action (CTAs), blog posts, channel performance, and thought leadership pieces are at the heart of marketing analytics, which entails organizing and analyzing metrics data. Using diagnostic and leading indicator metrics, as well as business performance data, marketers can answer the most pressing analytic issues for their stakeholders.

Regardless of company size, marketing analytics may give essential data that can assist drive development.


below you can see what using marketing and analytics together:

Using marketing and analytics together

How to get better using marketing and analytics together


While basic interaction monitoring might help you gauge the efficacy of your marketing activities, gathering this data doesn't guarantee that your future ads will be more effective. A marketing analytics system may assist in resolving the issues listed below.


    reporting for reporting’s sake

    unify my data

    show the impact on revenue and profit

    tie to actions

    I struggle

Marketing and analytics  slove reporting for reporting’s sake

Marketing and analytics  slove reporting for reporting’s sake


Problem: I feel like I’m reporting for reporting’s sake. As a default, marketers generally put primary measures such as lead source tracking and cost-per-lead in place, but there is no holistic awareness of how marketing efforts influence crucial bottom-line KPIs. Ensure that your analytics are supporting the objectives that are most important to your stakeholders and that you aren't just collecting data for the sake of it.

unify my data

Have trouble bringing my info into one place? Get your data out of barriers and spreadsheets. When your data is automatically connected and unified, you can spend more time acting on the insights you've worked hard to obtain and less time on boring reporting activities.

Show the impact on revenue and profit

Having a problem demonstrating the effect on sales and profit. In the minds of many marketers, marketing ROI is just a means of documenting the results of one's efforts, usually in the form of a monthly report. However, the most successful organizations know that reporting for reporting’s sake is less essential than utilizing those findings to make choices that enhance sales.

Tie to actions

Trouble: My measurements don’t relate to actions that produce results. Don't limit yourself to reporting on a particular campaign's activities. Building credibility and demonstrating long-term program success will be easier if you can demonstrate the incremental impact of different marketing initiatives and how sales are affected at every step of the customer experience.


Struggle with forecasting

Problem: I have a hard time predicting the future. It's easier for marketing to forecast future revenue when it's in charge of the revenue cycle's early phases and knows how to model them. Because it records where prospects are in each revenue cycle stage—and how likely they are to advance through each stage over time—marketing analytics gives marketers the capacity to anticipate how many new leads, opportunities, and customers marketing will produce in future periods.


Components of  marketing and analytics 

Components of  marketing and analytics


marketing and analytics, a multidimensional process used to generate ROI and optimize future efforts, consisting of:


    Centralized marketing database: Analytics demand access to extremely specific marketing data

 so marketers need to begin recording this information now—preferably in one location.

    track marketing trends unless they have access to previous data stored in an operational system.

 Many marketing and sales systems are operational and do not save historical information.

 leaving marketers who wish to study their metrics for earlier periods to manually pull data snapshots from their Excel spreadsheets.

    Time series analytics, on the other hand, provides marketers with a comprehensive view of their long-term performance patterns

 since the engine can look beyond a single moment in time.

    Advanced attribution capacity: With marketing data in one place, marketers can understand what pushes the needle and optimize return on marketing expenditure

 but only if they have technology that allows attribution reporting. While some systems allow for multi-touch attribution

     most simply allow for attribution to be made based on the kind of channel used or the time horizon. As a result, you won't be able to develop the most insightful attribution models in the future. Be careful to grasp the attribution restrictions of any device you’re considering before you purchase.


marketing and analytics save both time and money, while also increasing productivity. Simplifying the reporting process is made possible by the provision of a single platform for all channels. Additionally, we discovered that across sectors and geographies, an integrated analytics strategy may free up 15 to 20 percent of the marketing budget.

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