How to write SEO optimized content preferred for google

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Many people are looking for the best ways to write SEO optimized content. And Google prefers it over its competitor, as it wants to get great content without errors and has the rules for optimizing engines. So today we present to you in our topic the basis for writing SEO optimized content. And we will learn about the best places to use the word tagged correctly within this content. In order for Google to like it and improve its ranking, bringing more visits and more clicks.

What's Seo Optimized Content?

What's Seo Optimized Content?

SEO optimized content is the right content that all website owners should stick to.

This is in order for them to get the best visits and the highest access rates.

Enabling them to improve the ranking of your site to number one in Google.


How do you write SEO optimized content!

How do you write SEO optimized content!

Do not worry, you will now know through the following points:

1- Check the Focus Keyword

1- Check the Focus Keyword

Any content writer before starting to write should do a keyword scan to extract the words derived from it, and should also scan the word on Google and see Google's suggestions "Phrases that visitors use in search" for that word how it is.

2- Checking the content of competitors

Before you write content, the competitor must know the value of the content they provide.

Where Google search engines choose the best site that includes useful and wonderful content for the visitor.

You must know the value of its content to write SEO optimized content.

And how many words, how many titles, how often the keyword is used, and how many backlinks the word has.

This examination is done using the famous Mangles instrument, which is a very impressive tool.

3- Determine how to write

The writing after examining the field and the competitor should determine the form of writing.

This method is done according to specific rules in studying the researcher's intention, is the method paragraphs or bullets.

4- Pay attention to the main title

Here the headline should have the keyword and it should be only 60 characters long.

It must also contain. The title contains catchy words like "better, worse, benefits...etc."

Or it contains the question form "how much, how, do, when, what, what about".

The title can also be put in the form of a how-to guide such as "Your Comprehensive Guide".

5- Pay attention to the use of the keyword

The use of the keyword is one of the important things that the writer must pay attention to.

He should put it in the introduction, main heading, sub-headings, and conclusion, and he should mention them in the body of the article.

It is better to put the word in the images as an alternative text for the images.

And to be placed in the tags, in the short description and the meta title that Google sees it.

With this, we have explained the 5 secrets through which you can get SEO optimized content.

so you should follow them when writing and you will get great results.

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