Marketing Guide..How to write content

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 Using a Content Marketing Guide, you may specify the voice, tenor, length, style, and subjects used to interact with your target market.

Brands with excellent content marketing also have particularly prevalent tone, and personality. For devoted readers, the quality and style of your company's content may serve as a powerful identifier for your brand.

Let’s dive into why you need to develop this paper, even if you’re a smaller firm, and how to go about completing The Best Content Marketing Guide.

Why Create a Content Marketing Guide?

Why Create a Content Marketing Guide?


Your company's voice is reflected in the content marketing guide written by the writers you employ.

In a small firm, one or two authors may be able to crank out enough material with a coherent tone to make a reader feel that it all originated from the same source.


But this breaks down if you raise the number of channels or the volume of content generation than your writing staff or agency can manage.


The more authors or outlets that you add to your Content Guide.

 the more diluted or unclear your voice will be to your audience. Your content marketing will be weakened, and your brand may even be damaged as a result.

Marketing Guide..How to write content

Marketing Guide..How to write content

Assume that the person reading your content marketing guidelines has no prior knowledge of your business.

Your rules are meant to help them get up to speed quickly so they can begin creating material right away. So, what do they need?


To begin, they should be aware of your brand's unique selling proposition (USP) and other distinguishing characteristics.

 as well as the channels through which you want to distribute your content and the personas you hope to reach via it.


However, if you can fill it out further then your authors will generate a considerably more consistent Content Marketing Guide.

Here's a few factors to consider:


Formal Style Guides and Company-Specific Styling

Formal Style Guides and Company-Specific Styling

Formal Style Guides: You want your authors to follow a specific well-known style guide, right? It's possible that AP style may be necessary if your work is for a news organization.

 for example. Most firms don’t need to be this rigorous, but going through an approved style guide might offer you some tips on things to look for.


Company-Specific Styling: Even if you don’t utilize a formal guide, you could have certain stylistic, spelling, use, or grammatical standards that are part of your voice.

 For instance, you may mandate the usage of American English over British English. At MIG we employ our own criteria for the ideal blog article.


Post Length and Tone & Voice Examples

Post Length More than only price considerations may benefit from defining the minimum and maximum lengths for different types of material.

It stops authors from creating things that are either sparse or too wordy for your readership. Figure out what post length your audience wants for each of your content genres.


Tone & Voice Examples: If there is indeed a writing that gets how you want to seem, incorporate an example of it within your rules. An excellent example speaks much more than vague recommendations about sounding “professional”. If your material is geared toward a more established market, you may even want to provide instances of how not to sound.



Every sort of online consumer engagement can be traced back to a single source: the content marketing guide itself. From search and discovery to contemplation and on to conversion, material helps consumers make choices. To get the most out of their content marketing efforts, organizations must ensure that each piece of content, whether it's in the form of a blog post, e-mail, article, infographic, video, or another format, is seen by the right people at the right time.

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